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If one of your 2017 goals is to find a career-building job, just know that you are not alone. The world is changing, and so are the workplace dynamics. Like most people, I’m not a big fan of the job hunting process. First of all, trying to find a job that even matches your current goals is a chore on its own. Then there’s having to tailor each cover letter and resume to fit the job description/requirements.

It can be pretty tasking and often times, we’re so focused on getting the resume right that we miss a few other important things that could help. Social media today plays a big part in how employers seek out candidates online. Believe it or not, employers check the digital footprints of candidates more often that we think. Hiring decisions are often made after considering  a number of factors, not just your resume or your impressive interviewing skills.

I have found LinkedIn to be a very powerful tool in my professional journey so far. I’ve had my account since 2012 and it has certainly been worth it. I stalk my LinkedIn profile like no man’s business, constantly keeping it up-to-date and looking for new ways to make it better. I’ve found jobs, met colleagues, and built lifelong connections on LinkedIn.

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, congratulations! If you’re yet to setup a LinkedIn profile, I encourage you to do so. Some are of the belief that you have to have some big shot job to need a LinkedIn profile, but this is so not true. Business owners, new graduates, veterans, retirees, anyone can be on LinkedIn. The key is to make sure that your profile is worth spending time on. It’s a great way to put your best professional foot forward.

Every job-seeker needs a LinkedIn profile; you can find jobs and connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and potential colleagues. Every working adult needs to keep their professional brand sharp. It’s important that you update your LinkedIn profile regularly with new skills/knowledge/accomplishments that you acquire on your journey.

Here are a few detailed resources to help you get your LinkedIn profile right:

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This is the year to begin building the life of your dreams. GO GET IT!


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