The Smart Money Woman

Hey guys! How was your weekend?

I bought The Smart Money Woman the first week it was released, but didn’t get to read it until this past Friday. I’ve followed Arese Ugwu on Instagram and her blog for the longest time. She’s such an inspiring young lady and this book proves that she is truly a Power Babe! The #SmartMoneyMovement that she has created on social media is nothing short of incredible.

The Smart Money Woman tells the story of Zuri, Lara, Ladun, Adesuwa, and Tami, five friends who find themselves in different stages in their personal lives, but can all agree on one thing: their finances are a mess! The book is a great mix of romance, humor, and a whole lot of financial literacy education presented in the most practical steps. Each chapter ends with a Smart Money Lesson that addresses a common money management issue with viable solutions. But what I found most interesting is how the financial advice and steps to take are interwoven in the conversations that take place throughout the book. I always thought I had the financial literacy thing on lockdown, but this book takes it a step further. You’ll also learn how to make your money work for you versus letting it sit idle in a savings account like most of us do. I found myself taking notes and bookmarking like crazy lol. I’d never read a book about finance that I didn’t want to stop reading…until now.

It’s funny, it’s witty, and it’s a big financial literacy hit! Arese has succeeded in making managing your finances much easier than it typically feels. It took me three hours to finish; trust me, you won’t want to put it down either. Whether you’re an African woman or not, living on the continent or in the diaspora, this book will get you thinking more strategically about your financial goals and get you fired up to take charge of your life.

The Smart Money Woman can be purchased on Amazon, iBooks, and Kindle. Hardcopies are available across Africa, find locations here.

P.S.: errrmmm Arese, is there a sequel coming soon? #TeamZuLa (yep, I have a hashtag already) 😀

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