Givers and Takers

You’ve been there before: working with a colleague who always wants something, but is quick to ask what’s in it for them when you need their help. You’ll notice that the only time they come to your desk is when they need you to help them on a project. Even in your personal relationships, you can name at least one person who only remembers your number when they need something from you. I recently had the opportunity to read Give and Take, the book by Adam Grant that inspired today’s talk, and I found it so insightful. I spent the next few weeks afterwards explaining to Obim the characteristics of givers, takers, and matchers lol, but I also got to examine myself to identify who I really am in terms of whether I give selflessly or always expect something in return.

Adam Grant is a thought leader in organizational psychology and this talk isn’t just a talk; it starts off with you taking a funny test to figure out if you’re a giver or taker, and it also helps with your interactions in the workplace and explains why people are the way they are. I hope you enjoy today’s video and I believe it will help you better understand the behavior of others around you. I also recommend the book, Give and Take, it’s a great read!


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